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There are many thousands of ageing central heating systems with circulation and boiler noise problems caused by the accumulation of sludge, corrosion deposits and scale, but traditional methods of flushing just don't get rid of all the debris, and problems often quickly return.

The benchmark in system power flushing is the high flow rate CLEARFLOW CF30 - cures flow and circulation problems, reduces boiler noises, and prevents pump failure.

Developed over seven years the clearflow CF30 has outstanding proven efficiency. The fast (less than 4 hours) and effective way to power flush ageing heating systems and cure circulation, noise and sludge problems.

Complete system flushing, or acid descaling heat exchangers, the clearflow 'dual purpose' does both.

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Heating Problems?

* Noisy boiler
* Black sludge
* Frequent venting
* Pump failure
* Poor circulation
* Cold spots

You need a power flush!

power flushing

Why Power Flush?

Noisy Boiler

Black Sludge

Poor Circulation
Cold Spots

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